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Match the costume to the character -- make the character's clothing, armor, pets, weapons and hairstyle match his/her attitude!


Can you picture the type of character who would use the swords on the right, just from looking at them? 
The first sword is light-colored, straight and simple.  This sword is probably for a 'Good' character, like a knight. 
The second sword is more exotic, it looks more complicated and has a flying creature for a hilt.  It could be a magical sword.  The character who wields it could be a mysterious women, like a sorceress.  If the sword isn't magical, maybe a ninja-like character or a nomad would use it.
The third sword is spiky and slightly scary!  It is definitely a magic sword, and might be evil.  A cloaked magic-user or evil knight could use this sword.
The fourth sword is EVIL!  It is dark-colored, has an eye in the pommel, and spiky bat wings for a hilt.  The sword almost looks like a dragon.  It looks alive.  A powerful evil character would use this sword, and probably ride a dragon or bat-winged horse as well.
Try it!  Try drawing a sword or other weapon to match your character! 

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