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Photoshop Basics for Manga II

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How to Make a Pattern Stamp in Photoshop

1.  Draw a pattern in Photoshop with the Brush (B) using two or three colors.
2.  Find a pattern on the Internet; right-click the picture or symbol to "Save As" a JPG file.  Be careful of copyright!  If you are going to publish this picture you draw (putting it up on the Internet counts as "publishing"), you can't use a copyrighted symbol or picture.
3.  Use a scanner or digital camera to transfer a pattern you find (leaves, a favorite plaid shirt, your hair) on to the computer, and save the image as a JPG or JPEG.  Now you're ready to pattern in Photoshop! 
Here is the picture we worked on in the Photoshop Basics for Manga tutorial.  I'll use it again to show how to create and use a Pattern Stamp in Photoshop - but you can use any picture you want!  Just open your picture in Photoshop, and let's get started!


STEP 2:  The Pattern Stamp Tool


Use the Pattern Stamp Tool (click on it or press S on the keyboard) to color in the areas you've selected.  Make sure you use the Pattern Stamp, and not the Clone Stamp (see below)!


You can use the Magic Wand (W) to select the area you want to color, if you don't want to color outside the lines.  (See Photoshop Basics for Manga if you don't remember how to do this.)
Then, use the Pattern Stamp (S) to color just like you would with the Brush!


This is the Photoshop toolbar.  -------->
The most important tools for this lesson are the Rectangular Marquee (keyboard shortcut M) and the Pattern Stamp (keyboard shortcut S).
STEP 1:  The Rectangular Marquee (M)


Use the Rectangular Marquee (click on it or press M on the keyboard) to select the area you want to use as a pattern.  Click and drag the Rectangular Marquee to select an area.  A dotted flickering line will appear around the area you've selected.
In the example below, I selected a butterfly pattern to use for the person's pants.


After selecting the area, I clicked on Edit - Define Pattern (see below).


Then, I named my pattern and clicked OK.


Finally, click Pattern Stamp (S), and your pattern choices will appear on the top bar of Photoshop.  Click on the square as shown below, and all the patterns you have will drop down, and you can pick the one you want!  See Step 2 for more details, and have fun!





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