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Egyptian Calligraphy

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Write your name!

Use the alphabet below to spell out your name in ancient Egyptian.  Instead of writing from left to right, try writing vertically -- from top to bottom.
Draw a cartouche around it to finish (see example to the right), or add the word for "man" or "woman" at the end!
Don't write any silent letters:
SARAH becomes SARA
Use the sounds not the spelling:




At the end of your name, you can write the symbol for MAN or WOMAN.  That's all there is to it!


Want a Quick Translation?  Get a scribe to do it!  Web Scribe
Click on the picture to the right or on the link above, and type in your first name to get an instant translation!


Learn more about Ancient Egypt and hieroglyphs HERE Click on the link, or the picture to the left, to get Ancient Egyptian games, eCards, screensavers, desktop backgrounds, and more!

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