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Upcoming Events

Uzushio Silks
The Artists


Art Instructor Susan Sieber enjoys demonstrating silk painting, Chinese calligraphy, origami and Japanese Comics at local libraries, schools and for events. 
Contact Susan at 
for event information.


Sept 27th - EVOLVE Art Show
Saturday, 10am-4pm 
Susan Sieber will be there with her handpainted silk scarves, banners and bags, along with other EVOLVE artists demonstrating their craft.
More info:  815.444.9905
Old Town Hall, downtown Crystal Lake
April 16 - Japan Photo Presentation
Thursday, 12-12:30pm
 Susan Sieber will present photos from her time in Japan, and answer questions. 
More info:  815.479.7683
McHenry County College, room A117
MAY 2nd - Uzushio Silks scarves & Triskele Moon jewelry  
Saturday, 10am-5pm. 
At EVOLVE - silk painter Susan Sieber and jewelry artist Leanne Emery will demonstrate their crafts and have wonderful Mother's Day gifts for sale! 
More info:  815.444.9905
Evolve - 54 N. Williams St. - Crystal Lake, IL


OCT 18th - Draw Manga Monsters & Vampires,  Friday, 2-3pm. 
FREE at the Crystal Lake Public Library - art instructor Susan Sieber will demonstrate Japanese comics drawing techniques, and invites kids and parents to draw along with her! 
More info:  815.459.1687
Crystal Lake Public Library - 126 Paddock Street, Crystal Lake, IL 60014
NOV 12th - Anime Club,  Wednesday, 7pm-8pm. 
FREE at the Crystal Lake Public Library - art instructor Susan Sieber will guest speak at the library's Anime Club.  More info:  815.459.1687
Crystal Lake Public Library - 126 Paddock Street, Crystal Lake, IL 60014

SEPT 5TH - Kids in College classes begin  Friday. 
McHenry County College in Crystal Lake offers great classes for kids and teens during the day on Friday, including Creative Writing, Manga Costume Design, and many more! 
More info:  815.455 .8588 
McHenry County College - 8900 US Hwy 14, Crystal Lake, IL 60012 
SEPT 15 & 16th - Illinois Artisans Art Sale  Mon-Tues, 10am-3:30pm. 
Twelve juried artisans display and sell wearable art such as jewelry, silk scarves, accessories, hats, sweaters, jackets, and knitwear in the James R. Thompson Center, Chicago. 
More info: 312.814.5321
Illinois Artisans Show - 100 W. Randolph St., Suite 2-200, Chicago, IL 60601


APRIL 27th - History of Manga  Friday, 4-5pm.  Woodstock High School Cartooning Club students enjoyed meeting art instructor Susan Sieber and learning about the techniques, meanings and history of Japanese Comics.

APRIL 10th - Origami Demo  Tuesday, 1:30-2:20pm.  Fun With Origami!  McHenry County College staff and students enjoyed seeing and trying interesting origami folds such as flowers, flapping crane, and great white shark with art instructor Susan Sieber.  MCC is located at 8900 US Highway 14, Crystal Lake, IL, and the demo was in A117. 

FEB 10th - Manga Action Drawing  Saturday, 1-2:30pm.  PRIZES! Cary Public Library presented manga instructor Susan Sieber in a hands-on introduction to Manga Action Drawing.  Students learned to draw action poses!  And everyone learned about the history and meanings behind Japanese Comics.  FREE and Open to Everyone - in district or out.  Call to request another one! (847) 639-4210.  TANOSHII DESU!  (It's fun!)  Try it NOW:  Manga Action FREE Tutorial


DEC 3rd - MCC Winter Craft Fair  Sunday, 10am-4pm.  Located at McHenry County College, 8900 US Highway 14, Crystal Lake, IL.  A fun fair featuring hundreds of booths filled with seasonal decorations and handmade gifts!  Shop for jewelry, clothing, crafts and treats.  The Uzushio Silks booth will offer handpainted silk scarves and belts, as well as high quality photo cards and great Zen stocking stuffers. 

OCT 28th & 29th - "A Country Christmas" Craft Show Saturday 8:30am-4pm; Sunday, 9am-3pm.  Crystal Lake South H.S. Booster Club's 32nd annual craft show!  Attendees enjoyed browsing fantastic handmade crafts and gifts, including Uzushio Silks .  Autumn and winter colors available in beautiful handpainted silk scarves - also silkpainted pillows, belts, and banners available!  There was food, fun, and a raffle of high quality craft items.  The event took place at South High School, 1200 McHenry Avenue, Crystal Lake, IL.  Email Mary at for more info.

OCT 19th - Manga:  Draw Action Poses!  Thursday, 7-8:30pm, FREE at the Crystal Lake Public Library in Crystal Lake, IL.  Fun, facts and PRIZES!  Art Instructor Susan Sieber presented fun Japanese phrases, information on the types of Japanese Comics, and a full hour of Japanese Comics art instruction.  Everyone had fun drawing challenging action poses and practicing saying, Genki desu ka? (How are you? in Japanese).

OCT 7th - Reprographics Open House  Saturday, 9:30am-4:30pm.  FREE demos, activities, and 30-50% off selected art supplies!  Art Instructors Susan Sieber and Scott Little demonstrated drawing and painting at this fun event. Reprographics is located at 835 Virginia Rd in Crystal Lake, IL.  Call (815) 477-1018 for details.

SEPT 23rd - EVOLVE Silk Painting Demo  Saturday, 11am-2pm.  Silk Painter Susan Sieber demonstrated silk painting techniques and answered questions.  EVOLVE is located at 54 N. Williams in downtown Crystal Lake, IL.  Call (815) 444-9905 for details.

MAY 24TH - The Art of Japanese Comics  6-8pm, FREE at the Harvard Diggins Public Library in Harvard, IL.  Art Instructor Susan Sieber presented fun Japanese phrases, a lecture on the history and meaning of Japanese comics, and a full hour of Japanese Comics art instruction.  Students tried sketching hands and developing action poses. 

MAY 5TH & 6TH  Reprographics Open House  Fri 1-6pm, Sat 9am-3pm.
New items!  Demos!  Fun stuff!  Call (815) 477-1018 for info on this annual event.  Art Instructors Scott Little and Susan Sieber were there drawing, painting and answering questions from 9am-2pm on Saturday the 6th.

April 8th - MCC's Annual International Night  5:30-8:30pm
Students, faculty and community members enjoyed an arts and crafts market, a dinner of international flavors, Japanese koto music, Tibetan monks performing Sacred Music and Sacred Dance for World Peace, and a Ukrainian dance ensemble.

March 14th - MCC's Japanese Club celebrated Hanami Matsuri, "Cherry Blossom Viewing", from 10am-3pm in the Commons.  The club created handmade cherry trees to admire, and summer robes, "yukata", to wear. There was an ink painting demonstration, a comic art booth, games and prizes. 

Questions?  Email Susan at