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Draw from photos of hands, draw your friends' hands, draw your own hands. 
First, draw a blobby, basic 'mitten' shape with no fingers.  Then, separate out the fingers, making sure to overlap the fingers for realism.  Try not to draw the fingers equal distances apart -- it looks unnatural.
Use the poses below to add details to your 'mitten' hands -- or look at photos, your own hands, or grab hold of your family members' or friends' hands and don't let go until you have a fabulous drawing...  This may cause them to give you weird looks, but you have to practice if you want to be an artist, don't you? (^_^)


Draw a girl putting her hand up to shade her eyes from the sun - the near hand is very large, and the hand that is at her side is drawn very small.  This drawing method is called "foreshortening".


Draw a boy putting his hands out to the side - one hand is coming towards the viewer, so it is a lot bigger.  It looks almost as big as his head!  Draw the hand that is far away, smaller.



Need Review?  Body Types: Women
More Advanced?  Action: Sports   Try Silhouettes

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